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Strip for: 10-17-2010
Outbreak 1

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News for: 10-17-2010


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Still going!

Welp! Now that we've met our characters let's delve into the mess that completely screws up their lives. *sigh* I love TF comics. :3

Thank you to everyone who's taken an interest in OoC so far. The website is still kind of bare-bones right now. I'd like to add graphics to it in the near future, maybe a real banner and some custom buttons, but for now all efforts are focused on the comic pages themselves. Trying to find a way to add something like a comment box for browsers, but this website gets an annoying amount of spambot traffic. Keeping them from getting flooded would be the real trick. All else fails, I'll just throw up a forum if people want it.

Till next time!

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